Winter Micro Gallery

It was an awesome show! Everyone rocked it. We ended up raising over $800 and all of it is being donated to the National MS Society.

Here's each of the pieces I did in detail:

Ted Flies South for the Skin Diving
Ink & Watercolor

Julie Flies South for the Attention
Ink & Watercolor

Jack Flies South for the Siestas
Ink & Watercolor

Bill Flies South for the Margaritas
Ink & Watercolor

Gifted Artist show preview!

More art! This time for the Gifted Artist show. Check it:

Sand Sculptors
Ink and Watercolor

Stick Boats
Ink and Watercolor

It's gonna be a really cool show. Seems like a ton of artists are going to have stuff on display and it's for one night only! All of the money is being donated to the Loma Linda Children's hospital and if a piece isn't bid on then IT gets donated to the Loma Linda hospital. It's a win/win situation as far as I'm concerned.

Hope you get a chance to check out all the sweet artwork in person, it should be awesome!

Power In Numbers at Nucleus!

This show kinda snuck up on me. Sorry for the short notice. Here's what I did:

Air Traffic
Ink and Watercolor

I looked at a lot of cool Japanese woodblock prints for inspiration on this piece. I was going to add tails to the kites until I read that Edo kite makers believed that if your kite needs a tail to fly then it wasn't made very well. Tough principals, I love it.

My goal was to somehow have the power in numbers creating a problem instead of the usual lovey-dovey-gooshy-gooey happy stuff. Lots of kites messin' with the flight path of a bird seemed to do the trick.

For all the details on the show you can check this link. Hope to see you there!

Hey You Guys!

Here is the piece I did for the Hey You Guys! art auction this Saturday, December 5th.

The doors of the Rialto Theater in South Pasadena open at 6pm. They are also going to start an online silent auction starting on Monday November 30th. I'll update this post with a link once it starts up.

UPDATE: The online auction has started! Click here for the link and then just look through the sidebar for the piece you want to bid on.

Gesture Drawing

We have a gesture class at work with two models who are actually improv actors and for an hour they just do skits. Makes for some quick sketch fun! These drawings were done in 1-3 mins.

For one class I even managed to sneak in some watercolors.

Stay tuned for some art show info coming up really soon!

Happy Halloween!

Here are the pieces I did for the Halloween micro gallery show:

Every Halloween Fred Stocks up on Candy is about 3"x3". Ink and watercolor.

Candy Bandits is about 3"x6". Again, ink and watercolor. I was trying to tell a little story with a frame that had two openings, kinda like a comic. Not sure if it's successful or not, but I had fun trying.

The show was awesome! We managed to raise a nice chunk of change and all of it is going to charity in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pretty crazy what can be done with a hallway space that would otherwise just be a dead end.

The Micro Gallery

There may be a new gallery at work.

It may have lots of cool pieces of artwork from an awesome group of artists.

And it could be really tiny.

But if you were to ever ask me about it, I wouldn't know anything.

By the way, notice anything odd with the last picture? Maybe something attached to a pillar that shouldn't be? A table? Could be leftover from a saran wrap prank? I wouldn't know.

Sendak on Sendak

There's a great show going on in San Francisco right now at the Jewish Contemporary Museum. I think it runs until next January. You can find more info here.

It's worth it for the gallery guide alone!

Terrible Yellow Eyes

Nucleus Art Gallery in Alhambra is opening an exhibit displaying the physical pieces of art from a super cool blog by Cory Godbey. The show and blog, both titled Terrible Yellow Eyes, are inspired by Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are."

I grew up with this book. There was no way I could not do something for this. So here's the first piece I did titled Terrible Yellow Eye.

I thought it would be interesting if the Wild Thing that crowned Max king was also the one who ratted him out.

The second piece is called Wild Sea Thing Joins the Rumpus.

I always liked the sea serpent in the book and wondered what happened to him. I think he would be a big splasher. Both pieces were done with ink and watercolor.

The opening is this Saturday, September 19th, starting at 7pm. Should be fun! Hope to see you there.

Ink and Watercolor

I love working with ink and watercolor. I've been drawing this way off and on for a long time. I even tried to storyboard in this style once but it was too hard to keep up with the story changes. Now I just do it for my own stuff.

Housewarming Card

Just a little card I made for some friends. Congrats on the new home!

Bolt Endpage Character Studies

"One Ridonculous Adventure" focused on the relationship between Bolt, Mittens and Rhino and the arc their friendship took over the course of the movie. I thought it might be nice to accent that arc with some studies of the three characters not getting along at the front of the book:

and then poses of them all chummy for the back of the book:

Everyone bought off on it and I eventually colored these bad boys up and they made it to print. I used to love catching little details like that in books when I was a kid.

Illustration Classes

Here are a few pieces I did for my illustration class recently. The assignment was to use a Mother Goose nursery rhyme as the text for a two page spread.

The first one is in the style I have been storyboarding recently. The second one is similar to the style I used for One Ridonculous Adventure, with a few tweaks I've been working on.

This was a children's book illustration class at Art Center and Marla Frazee was my teacher. It was awesome! If anyone has a chance I would HIGHLY recommend it. Marla gives really great critiques and her books are great! Check 'em out.