Power In Numbers at Nucleus!

This show kinda snuck up on me. Sorry for the short notice. Here's what I did:

Air Traffic
Ink and Watercolor

I looked at a lot of cool Japanese woodblock prints for inspiration on this piece. I was going to add tails to the kites until I read that Edo kite makers believed that if your kite needs a tail to fly then it wasn't made very well. Tough principals, I love it.

My goal was to somehow have the power in numbers creating a problem instead of the usual lovey-dovey-gooshy-gooey happy stuff. Lots of kites messin' with the flight path of a bird seemed to do the trick.

For all the details on the show you can check this link. Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh man, i almost forgot that was this weekend! thanks for the reminder, maybe I'll see ya there.