Happy Halloween!

Here are the pieces I did for the Halloween micro gallery show:

Every Halloween Fred Stocks up on Candy is about 3"x3". Ink and watercolor.

Candy Bandits is about 3"x6". Again, ink and watercolor. I was trying to tell a little story with a frame that had two openings, kinda like a comic. Not sure if it's successful or not, but I had fun trying.

The show was awesome! We managed to raise a nice chunk of change and all of it is going to charity in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pretty crazy what can be done with a hallway space that would otherwise just be a dead end.

The Micro Gallery

There may be a new gallery at work.

It may have lots of cool pieces of artwork from an awesome group of artists.

And it could be really tiny.

But if you were to ever ask me about it, I wouldn't know anything.

By the way, notice anything odd with the last picture? Maybe something attached to a pillar that shouldn't be? A table? Could be leftover from a saran wrap prank? I wouldn't know.

Sendak on Sendak

There's a great show going on in San Francisco right now at the Jewish Contemporary Museum. I think it runs until next January. You can find more info here.

It's worth it for the gallery guide alone!