Terrible Yellow Eyes

Nucleus Art Gallery in Alhambra is opening an exhibit displaying the physical pieces of art from a super cool blog by Cory Godbey. The show and blog, both titled Terrible Yellow Eyes, are inspired by Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are."

I grew up with this book. There was no way I could not do something for this. So here's the first piece I did titled Terrible Yellow Eye.

I thought it would be interesting if the Wild Thing that crowned Max king was also the one who ratted him out.

The second piece is called Wild Sea Thing Joins the Rumpus.

I always liked the sea serpent in the book and wondered what happened to him. I think he would be a big splasher. Both pieces were done with ink and watercolor.

The opening is this Saturday, September 19th, starting at 7pm. Should be fun! Hope to see you there.

Ink and Watercolor

I love working with ink and watercolor. I've been drawing this way off and on for a long time. I even tried to storyboard in this style once but it was too hard to keep up with the story changes. Now I just do it for my own stuff.

Housewarming Card

Just a little card I made for some friends. Congrats on the new home!

Bolt Endpage Character Studies

"One Ridonculous Adventure" focused on the relationship between Bolt, Mittens and Rhino and the arc their friendship took over the course of the movie. I thought it might be nice to accent that arc with some studies of the three characters not getting along at the front of the book:

and then poses of them all chummy for the back of the book:

Everyone bought off on it and I eventually colored these bad boys up and they made it to print. I used to love catching little details like that in books when I was a kid.