Updates and coming soon...

Good news! The Bear and Bird boutique in Florida has put all of the artwork still for sale online! Here's a link to their store: Small Stuff 4 artwork. Check it out. There are still a ton of cool pieces available. I think they have photos of the event posted as well.

The bad news for any of you online buyers? I think all of the pieces I did have already sold. Sorry. I hope they have found happy homes in sunny Florida. Sounds like a good life to me.

Which leads me to the next show...The Super Big Micro Show! Here are a few of the smaller pieces I did for this upcoming show:

Felipo, espresso aficionado.
Ink and Watercolor
2.5" x 2"

Somebody has a crush on Pinky...Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
Ink and Watercolor
2.5" x 2"

The show opens on December 11th at 7 p.m. It's gonna get crazy! If you do plan on buying anything from this show I would suggest signing up for the online preview. And if you want to see some of the freshness everybody is doing check out the Micro Gallery blog. I think most of the artists have links from there. I can't wait!

More Small Stuff

Here are some more pieces I did for the Small Stuff 4 show at the Bear and Bird Boutique:

Captain Brisbane
Ink and Watercolor
4" x 6"

Sub Tours
Ink and Watercolors
4" x 6"

If you get a chance, and happen to be in Florida, you should definitely check it out. There are a TON of really talented artists involved! Plus they have comics downstairs! Too cool.


Sorry about the lack of posts and replies. I have been super crazy busy. Part of that is because I'm working on artwork for two different exhibits! The first one is for the Bear and Bird art gallery over in Florida. Here are a couple of pieces for that show:

Ink and Watercolor
4" x 6"

Ink and Watercolor
4" x 6"

The show opens on November 21st. For more info here's a link to their website. Their store looks really cool! I wish I could visit them.

We are also having a Micro Gallery show at Nucleus this December! Some of my friends over at Disney started a Micro Gallery blog to explain the whole thing a little better. Check it out if you get a chance.

Stay tuned, more artwork coming soon...

"Transit" Micro Gallery

"Transit" was the theme of the most recent Micro Gallery show. Here's what I did:

Best. Trip. Ever.
Mixed Media

The Captain America comic and the first X-men comic are almost impossible to see in this image but bonus points go to anyone who can guess the other eight comics.

Improv Gestures

Here are some more gesture drawings from our class yesterday. The actors are always moving unless they play a freeze game. It's so much fun!

If you get a chance you should also check out what my buddy Paul Briggs has been doing too. His stuff is amazing! Not only does he capture the poses but he's able to get a lot of storytelling and character across as well.