New Bear and Bird Website!

A little while back Amanda from the Bear and Bird gallery asked if I would like to do some artwork for their new website. They have such a cool gallery and I have had so much fun doing artwork for them that there was no way I could say no!

(I tried to pay respect to some of the other really cool artwork people have done for the gallery in those little picture frames.)

Amanda only wanted a piece or two and she was totally cool with whatever ideas I came up with. I guess I went a little crazy.

My goal was to show the characters in fun situations and establish their friendship but still leave them open for other people to explore too. I guess it would be like giving little snapshots of their lives but still leaving the viewer wanting to see more.

It got to a point were I couldn't decide which ones to finish in color so I sent Amanda all of the roughs and let her pick her top four.

I also did a black and white stamp for them and before I sent all of the originals out I threw a little watercolor on it.

I had so much fun with this! I'm glad there were deadlines because I could have just kept going. So check out their new website when you get a chance!

Now I guess I should start working on my own banner...


  1. These are so, so amazingly good. I LOVE them. I want everything on t-shirts or prints. Man, dude. ;)
    Hope you're well Aurian! Catch up soon?

  2. Wow! Great stuff as usuall. You could make a great book/story using these characters. I'd buy it.

  3. toooo cute! I heart them!!! Well done!!!

  4. These are sooo cute and really fun!

  5. Aw! i LOVE all of these. Great stuff. :]

  6. Aurian, I love you man.... fantastic work! Hope all is well.

  7. A,

    these are awesome man. so great. love the mood and character.


  8. fantastic work! Love the emotions and the relationship between bird n bear! :) :)

  9. Wound up on the Bear and Bird site through a link off another blog i follow. I saw the banner and i thought "Wait... it couldn't be..." but it was! Sweet painting, man :) Hope you're doing well!